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[Free playbook] How to LEAD your employees through change for better and faster outcomes

Change leaders' playbook: How to communicate with your employees through change for better and faster outcomes
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The #1 platform to communicate with your people through change

Rungway is your must-have tool during any business changes. We help you surface a wider range of perspectives, bridge the gap between leadership and employees and communicate authentically at scale - so you can get more effective employee buy-in. And, we can help you track success with unique real-time people insights.


Culture change

Create an environment where everyone feels included, and foster deeper and more authentic connections within your organisation.

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Rungway enables leaders to understand issues, show commitment, engage with promoters and detractors and take people on the journey with you.

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Organisational change

Rungway helps humanise leadership and bridge the gap between leaders and employees through more authentic communication. 

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People restructure

Build trust and empathy through transparent communication to handle people re-structures in the most human way as possible.

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"This is a way for us to really be able to get a pulse check and see what's going on, and be able to do something about it."

Annie Coleman, Former MD and Head of Client Marketing and Culture at UBS

How it works

The platform

Rungway is where employees and leadership can communicate in an open forum, at any time of day, about anything.


Our team of data scientists and DEI experts and platform moderators, are here to support you and manage your Rungway.


Get people insights you can't get anywhere else. As well as surveys and polls, get a real-time temperature gauge with the 'always-on' nature of Rungway.

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"When people are truly invested in change, it is 30% more likely to stick"

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Our mission

During her career in banking and as FTSE 100 non-executive, our founder Julie Chakraverty realised that many of the quieter voices in the organisation were reluctant to speak up.  Businesses were missing out on valuable insight and culture benefits. She set up Rungway in 2016 to help everyone find their voice in the workplace.  Rungway is now giving leaders of major organisations a tool to listen and respond at scale, with dramatically better insights as to what motivates their employees.

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