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Get your people more invested in change

Forward thinking leaders use the real-time insight from Rungway to connect outside their normal network, understand what matters and adapt to deliver change successfully

Integrate new leadership
Increase inclusivity
Lead people through change
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"As a company, we're better for it. If you want to reach out to your staff and have an open culture, Rungway's a great way to do it."

Darren Mills, Co-Founder


Discover a better way to activate change

Rungway is a change activation platform. Through a psychologically safe space, we enable leaders and companies to understand, connect, build resilience and make course adjustments to make change successful.


Always-on dialogue

A psychologically safe space where all your people fully participate and leaders can understand and empathise with what really matters.

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Real-time insights

Areas for intervention are unearthed to enable your leadership to shorten the time to adapt, solve problems with your team and take people with you. 

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Sidestep hierarchy

Connect outside your normal network for a more diverse range of opinions. Be visible to all and role-model the behaviours for the culture you want.

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Your change partner

Using smart technology and our in-house expertise, we deliver you a playbook for success in our Mission Control managing issues as they arise.

"When people are truly invested in change, it is 30% more likely to stick"


Increasing inclusivity at UBS by changing how leaders listen

Watch how UBS has increased inclusivity using Rungway to create a safe space where leadership is humanised and unconscious biases are diminished.

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Why we exist

Rungway was born out of the idea that it was time to level up the playing field at work. It was the same people raising their hand and the same people being listened to over others. As the youngest female board member of a FTSE 100 company, Julie Chakraverty's own boardroom experience showed her it was time for the 'quieter voices' to be heard in the same capacity. She set up Rungway in 2016 as a tool to help businesses hear more of these unheard perspectives, and work towards building a more inclusive and healthy culture.

Watch Julie's TedxTalk here: Why there are no stupid questions.

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