Rungway at Work

A mentoring tool for people to gain work and life advice from their colleagues.

Rungway’s mission is to change the way people give and get help at work. According to recent research, 82% of employees do not have a mentor for help and support. By giving employees the support they’re seeking, Rungway helps companies unlock all the expertise in their organisations in a fast and convenient way.

Rungway for Work gives you a dedicated smartphone app for your employees to gain work and life advice from their colleagues – by asking questions either anonymously or publicly. Rungway matches them with others from across your organisation who have experience and skills to share – and can choose to help when and how they want. By sparking one-to-one conversations, Rungway deepens engagement and creates new networks within your business.

For many employees, getting varied points of view from colleagues is often enough to give them the wisdom and wellbeing to move forward. We all know there are some questions that are difficult to ask face-to-face, or that we only think of when we go home at night – Rungway ensures no challenge is left unresolved or forgotten. The ease of use and option of asking questions anonymously means your employees can instantly be part of a warm and supportive community.

Organisations using Rungway are helping foster a culture of collaboration and inclusion. Rungway’s reporting will keep you on the front foot, making sure you are aware of the topics and issues trending within your workplace.

Increase workforce

Deepen employee

Early warning on
hot topics

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