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A place to give and get help

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The purpose of Rungway is to give and get help. 

Anonymity on sensitive issues gives you the freedom to ask those difficult questions. Whilst people have the option of anonymity when seeking advice, all replies are named, bringing company culture to life.

Anonymous means anonymous.

Providing you don't break our terms of use, we never reveal your identity.

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1:1 Advice

We're so much more than our functional roles - take away the barriers that stop people sharing their experience.

Respond Publicly or Privately

On Rungway, we smartly match advice seekers with the people in your organisation who have the experience or interest to provide support.


Culture Insights

Rungway's specific purpose creates unique content and real time, anonymised talent intelligence. 
When great advice gets shared, the impact can be huge. 

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Risk Management

Automated moderation and our unique risk management features ensure you never need to worry about anonymity being misused.

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