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People of colour post 3x more than their white colleagues on Rungway, when they have the option of anonymity.

Surface every voice and level the playing field

Rungway is a change management platform that helps leaders boost employee buy-in and take your people on the change journey. It provides a safe space to ask questions, raise concerns or connect with others without the fear of judgement, with the option of anonymity.

✅ Create psychological safety

✅ Tap into the silent majority

✅ Hear the unfiltered version of the truth

✅ Surface unprompted, bottom-up employee feedback

✅ Real-time feedback so you can react faster

✅ Enable 2-way discussions between leaders and employees

✅ Integrated with Microsoft Teams

Women ask 30% more career questions on Rungway than men, when they have the option of anonymity.

Rungway is the #1 tool for leaders to get to know your people at scale

Organisations are still using traditional methods to collect employee feedback. Rungway revolutionises this process to surface the information you really need to know to make better business decisions.

The traditional way The Rungway
Top down broadcasts Ongoing, 2-way dialogues
Inaccessible leadership Accessible, connected leadership at scale
Surveys showing a snapshot in time Real-time pulse on your people
Survey fatigue Unprompted, organic bottom-up feedback
Limited questions asked in a public arena A psychologically safe space
Hear mostly from the 'louder voices' Surface a more diverse range of opinions
Decisions made based on guesswork Act on prioritised issues based on wider sentiment trends
Confusion, a disconnect between leaders and employees leading to change resistance People understand the rationale behind change and are more bought in


"Rungway is the place you can ask anything, with anonymity. It brought us real leadership visibility and the executive team can easily spot emerging issues we use to create and evolve policies."

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React faster with an real-time temperature gauge of your people

Unlike surveys which only show you a snapshot in time, Rungway's platform is always on. At any time, your people can ask a question or raise a concern when it matters to them. Get a pulse of how your people feel in the now, respond directly and react quickly.

Surveys vs Always-on insights
Leader response layoffs people re-structure

Interact directly with your employees and see how engagement grows

Effective communication should be a 2-way dialogue, not a top-down broadcast. Rungway allows leaders and peers to respond to each other directly and publicly in a way that allows everyone in the organisation to benefit. Leaders who respond to posts from employees receive twice the number of interactions and can reach up to 96% of Rungway users within their business.

Next level people metrics to help you prioritise

Through user profiles, Rungway gathers powerful and unique data on your people and their posting behaviour. We're able to analyse language, discussion topics and surface how behaviour changes depending on gender, race, location and seniority. Stop trawling through mountains of raw data and understand which issues are impacting your people most so you can do something about it.

Sentiment by group

A fully moderated platform and extension of your comms team

Any sensitive or inappropriate posts will be flagged and routed directly to your leadership team before going live. Our expertise means we can guide you through tried & tested best practise on how to respond - privately or publicly. 

moderated post

Who is Rungway for?

HR Teams and Internal Comms

We work closely with HR and internal comms team as an extension of the business to make sure your people remain at the center during any change.

Change & Transformation Leads

Rungway helps change & transformation leaders manage their projects on time and to budget whilst tracking progress clearly to course correct when needed.

Leadership and C-Suite

C-Suite use Rungway to understand the unfiltered truth about their people, and make better business decisions based on actionable, granular data.

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