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Real dialogue

Your employees have constant access to Rungway's platform via mobile apps, MS Teams or the web. Employees post unprompted ideas, questions and concerns with the option of anonymity. Rungway scans all posts before they are viewable on the platform, routing any sensitive content to your subject matter experts (i.e. Comms Team). Leaders and peers can then join the discussion and engage with trending themes.

Empathise with people who could silently block change

Connect senior leaders and employees at every level

Engage with a more diverse range of people

Discover the impact of Real dialogue

Real action

Rungway’s in-house team of content analysts continually monitor your posts to spot sensitive or inappropriate discussions, flagging priority areas to your senior staff and giving guidance on how to respond before the posts go live. Rungway delivers reports ranking employees’ core concerns and specifying their root causes, so leaders continually stay on top of emerging trends and know which issues to address first. Leaders also get alignment on what actually needs to change and why, which maintains momentum on key initiatives.

Always know and prioritise what matters most

Deal with sensitive topics safely and professionally at scale

Get continuous employee buy-in for change

Discover the impact of Real action

Real change

Rungway continuously analyses the platform’s content. Our team of data scientists use Rungway to convert mountains of raw employee data into actionable insights and decision-driving reports, so leaders understand emerging trends and team nuances. Leaders use this prioritised list of insights and recommendations to make informed decisions and drive meaningful organisational change. 

Understand what’s really going on

Make better-informed and faster decisions

Deliver meaningful and lasting change

Discover the impact of Real change

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