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Rungway is a platform where employees and leadership can communicate in an open forum at any time of day, about anything, with the option of anonymity.


Our in-house experts monitor your feed to spot sensitive or inappropriate discussions, identify priority areas and route them to senior staff, and guide you on how to respond before going live.


Our team of data scientists save you the work of making sense of piles of data, and highlight specific insights to help you prioritise. Get board-level people insights that help you prove Rungway's value.

Rungway bridges the gap between leaders and employees and surfaces the information you need to know

AN always-on forum FOR 2-Way dialogue

An employee posts any question, challenge or concern they may have, unprompted and with the option of anonymity. This creates psychological safety and encourages a more diverse range of voices to be represented. Leaders are more likely to hear bottom-up feedback that often never reaches the top, and can empathise with a new set of voices by interacting directly.

Post and response from senior leader

platform moDERATION By Real people

If the post is inappropriate or deemed sensitive by our in-house team, who are monitoring your Rungway 24/7, the post will be routed to your team for further action before going live. We are on hand to help form a suitable response - whether you choose to respond privately or publicly. 

Actionable people analytics

Get unique data that gives you a clearer understanding of your people than any survey. 

  • Bottom-up 'flashpoints' of unexpected challenges
  • People sentiment in real-time
  • Behaviours by demographic e.g. gender or ethnicity
  • A breakdown of your resistors vs advocates
  • Engagement levels
  • How different groups of people interact with each other
Bottom-up flashpoints
Sentiment by group

a plan-of-action to make a difference

Equipped with a much more comprehensive understanding of the nuances within different groups of people, you can make better informed decisions on what you need to do in the moment to deliver the biggest impact. Our team of experts help you decipher your people data into something clear and  actionable.

Benefits to your people

✅ Speak up without fear of judgement

✅ Feel more connected to your peers

✅ Feel more connected to your leadership

✅ Increased transparency

✅ Get your questions answered

✅ A more open, inclusive culture


Benefits to your leaders

✅ Win employee hearts and minds

✅ Surface previously unheard bottom-up feedback

✅ Measure the impact of your change programme

✅ Board-level people insights

✅ Humanise leadership

✅ Understand and interact with your people at scale

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Go beyond surveys and employee listening, and get a tool that helps you make change happen

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