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The traditional way vs the Rungway

Real dialogue

Traditional way

Listen to a small percentage of your staff Hear from the same 'louder' voices Interact with one-way, top-down broadcasts


Connect with up to 100% of your people Surface a more diverse range of opinions Engage directly with two-way conversations

“If you want to reach out to your staff and be as open as possible, Rungway is the way to do it”

“You're getting a diverse range of opinions which helps you make much better decisions”

“The executive team can easily spot emerging issues we use to create and evolve policies”

“The power of anonymity with moderation is really valuable and helps surface themes and issues quickly”

Real action

Traditional way

Address what you think is a priority Confront and deal with sensitive topics alone Encounter resistance to change


Always prioritise what actually matters Safely handle sensitive topics with guidance Get widespread employee buy-in

Leading change is really hard.

Missed deadlines. Stalled momentum. Ineffective initiatives. To avoid going around in circles, you need to cut through the noise by prioritising and resolving the issues that matter most.

You’re in good hands...

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Real change

Traditional way

Make decisions on the fly Struggle to keep up with changing needs Roll out ineffective and unsupported initiatives


Make decisions based on data Continually monitor trends and react faster Drive meaningful and lasting change

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