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Always know and prioritise what matters most

It’s hard enough for leaders to stay on top of emerging employee issues at scale, let alone address their priority concerns.

Rungway continually identifies the posts, issues and topics gaining the most traction so leaders always know which situations to prioritise and why. 

Rungway moderates the platform content, flagging sensitive posts, analysing language, highlighting emerging trends and pointing out areas of resistance, so leaders can act quickly.

Deal with sensitive topics safely and professionally at scale

Unmoderated platforms can lead to unconstructive Twitter-style arguments.

Rungway not only flags sensitive or inappropriate posts before they go live, but provides guidance to leaders on how best to handle the situation. 

Rungway becomes an extension of your comms team, so leaders can respond to sensitive issues confidently, safely and professionally. 

Get continuous employee buy-in for change

It’s impossible to implement meaningful and lasting change initiatives if your employees aren’t supporting the actions you’re taking.

Rungway helps leaders gain broad employee support for change by facilitating open and optionally anonymous conversations that uncover the real obstacles to change.


Change initiatives are 30% more likely to stick when your people are truly invested.

Rungway is a way for us to really be able to get a pulse check and see what's going on, and be able to do something about it.

Annie Coleman, Former MD and Head of Client Marketing and Culture at UBS

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