📊 [New data report] How to build a more connected and resilient workforce through change

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Understand the real true culture “on the ground” with active listening


Identify and escalate

Identify any internal red flags and emerging issues in a timely manner


Support senior managers

Help managers to role model the right behaviours through sharing their wisdom and experience across the firm


Build a positive culture

Create a psychologically safe environment and an inclusive, healthy culture

Experts on Risk and Company Culture

Experts on Risk and Company Culture

Rungway’s board level risk management and culture experience run through the heart of our product design and delivery.

Launching Rungway is easy

Launching Rungway is easy

No need for a big IT project. Staff receive a personalized email and can be on your company’s private Rungway in a few days.

You can start in one business area, or launch company wide. It only takes a few clicks to transform your workplace culture.


companies usING Rungway
to EMBED and evidence inclusive and connected workplace cultures

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