📊 [New data report] How to build a more connected and resilient workforce through change

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Engage with a more diverse range of people

Traditional methods of voicing opinions (in meetings, town halls or conferences) don't suit everyone. 

Rungway’s optional anonymity and independent moderation provide a safe space to talk, encouraging a wider range of diverse voices to come to the surface. 


People of colour are 3x more likely to post on Rungway than white colleagues and receive 46% more replies when posting anonymously.

Empathise with people who could silently block change

If leaders only hear from a small part of their workforce, they not only misread employees’ core concerns, but risk ignoring people who could silently block change initiatives. 

Rungway’s two-way dialogue enables leaders to engage with all of their staff, empathise with people’s concerns directly and avoid potential obstruction to change. 


Executives usually hear just 4% of employees’ real concerns, but leaders can engage with up to 100% of concerns with Rungway.

Connect senior leaders and employees at every level

People often feel disconnected from their leaders with emails, one-way broadcasts and top-down surveys feeling cold and corporate. 

Rungway enables leaders to tackle the ‘us vs them’ mentality by hearing from those on the ground, replying to individual concerns directly and engaging with group discussions. 


On Rungway, leaders receive twice the number of interactions for posts and can reach all employees no matter the size of the workforce. 

If you want to reach out to your staff and be as open as possible, Rungway is the way to do it.

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