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Only 15% of employees always understand the rationale behind their leaders’ strategy 


People are naturally resistant to change


Are people resisting change?

When your people don't understand what's happening, they're going to feel frustrated and unmotivated. Top-down messaging isn't effective in communicating the why.


Are your communications falling flat?

People aren't fully understanding the need for my project, and why it's important. Surveys have low engagement and emails don't feel personal enough.


Do you have your finger on the pulse?

By not hearing those 'water-cooler' moments, you can't tell how people are really feeling. You're hearing about important information too late.

Humanise your communications and bring your people on-side with Rungway


Track your project progress and people sentiment over time

The magic of Rungway is we can help you track project progress by measuring the level of resistance vs advocacy over time. The always-on aspect of the platform means you have a constant temperature gauge. Our team of experts help you to unpick the real story from the data so you are equipped with the context you need to come away with a real plan of action delivering high impact.

Hear a wider range of perspectives

Rungway provides a psychologically safe space through the option of anonymity. Your people are not just anonymously answering a pre-set question, but are empowered to offer their opinions, raise any concerns or ask for advice. This empowers a wider range of voices to come to the surface, giving you a much more diverse set of perspectives to make better decisions.


Understand the real story with always-on dialogue

Instead of sending out one-way broadcasts, be at the heart of the discussion where anyone can join in at any time. Someone has a burning question? Provide an answer for all to see. Someone raises a concern? Tackle it head on and react faster. By being easily accessible, you're getting the information you need to make you transformation project successful.

Get expert guidance on dealing with sensitive questions

Any sensitive or inappropriate posts will be flagged and routed directly to your leadership team before going live. We're here to guide you through the best form of response, and give you the option of responding privately or publicly. 

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