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Colleagues of colour receive 46% more responses when they post on Rungway anonymously, then when they reveal their name.

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You're not hearing from everyone - and that costs your business


It's not a level playing field

Traditional methods of voicing opinions in meetings, town halls or conferences don't suit everyone. You're hearing from your 'louder' voices whilst others go unlistened to.


You're missing key information

It's likely that your people are only giving the information you've asked for, and so you're not getting crucial intel you really need - like the real concerns people have.


Your leadership are invisible

People often feel disconnected from their leader. Methods like email and top down communication can feel cold and corporate and don't tend to resonate.

Move away from box-ticking exercises and create a genuinely open, inclusive culture with Rungway


Create psychological safety

Psychological safety is where everyone feels they can express themselves without fear of judgement. On Rungway 46% of users are women, but they make up over 56% of the questions. When there's a safe place to talk, different voices come to the surface giving you more ideas, more perspectives and a better understanding of your people.

Humanise leadership

Leaders can directly interact with your people on Rungway at scale. By getting involved in discussions for all to see, the ripple effect is huge - your people feel more connected to leadership, they're more receptive to change inevitable for any business, and you're creating trust and transparency. 


Understand the real story

Rungway gives you people insights in abundance. Our team of experts help you to understand the real story so you are equipped with the context you need to come away with a real plan of action delivering high impact.

Get expert guidance on dealing with sensitive topics

Any sensitive or inappropriate posts will be flagged and routed to your leadership team before going live. We're here to guide you through the best form of response, and give you the option of responding privately or publicly. 

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