📊 [New data report] How to build a more connected and resilient workforce through change

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74% of employees were willing to support organisational change in 2016; today, only 38% say the same


There's a disconnect between leadership and employees

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Leadership are inaccessible

Top-down communications can make leaders seem unempathetic and removed. If your people will have questions and perhaps some concerns, there's no easy way to reach you.

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People are resisting

Change impacts your peoples' every day working lives. If they don't fully understand why changes are being made, it can lead to resistance - which makes your job harder.

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You're seeing higher attrition

Organisational change can be unsettling which can sometimes lead to losing some of your best talent - exactly what you want to avoid. 

Capture the employee voice and tap into the 'water cooler' moments with Rungway


Tackle the "them and us" mentality creating leadership visibility

Instead of sending out one-way broadcasts, leaders have the opportunity to get involved in the discussion and interact directly with your people. You're meeting your people where they are and speaking to them in their own language - whilst impacting your organisation at scale through visibility of the discussion.

Surface your 'quieter voices' who have just as much to offer

Rungway provides a psychologically safe space through the option of anonymity. This empowers a far wider range of voices to come to the surface, shedding light on the nuances of different peoples' lived experiences. By default you become a more inclusive place to work because you're levelling the playing field to speak up, and listening to more perspectives.


Data highlighting the individual experience and wider trends

Unlike any other platform, Rungway helps both capture the individual stories as well as broader trends. Spot where resistance lies, and more importantly why it exists by digging deeper into your peoples' different experiences expressed in their own terms. Even better, we can help you mark progress over time.

Get expert guidance on dealing with sensitive questions

Any sensitive or inappropriate posts will be flagged and routed directly to your leadership team before going live. We're here to guide you through the best form of response, and give you the option of responding privately or publicly. 

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