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Bring your people along organisational change journeys

Start hearing from a more diverse range of voices

Get to the truth of what's really happening in your organisation

Make better business decisions based on real-time intel

When you know the truth, you can lead your people through organisational change far more effectively

Rungway creates psychological safety within your organisation by default through the option of anonymity whilst posting.. This means your people feel far more comfortable asking a question, raising a concern or seeking advice and are more likely to do so - giving you a more realistic picture on the state of your people.

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Colleagues of colour post 3x as much as their white counterparts on Rungway, due to the safety of anonymity (and receive 46% more responses when they do).

See and hear what's really beneath the surface

To lead your people through change more effectively, you need to be hearing far more than 4% of the problems occurring in your business. Get closer to the 100% with Rungway, which encourages unprompted, organic, bottom-up feedback from a far more diverse range of voices to come to the surface than before.

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"Rungway is the place you can ask anything, with anonymity. It brought us real leadership visibility and the executive team can easily spot emerging issues we use to create and evolve policies."

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A fully moderated platform and extension of your comms team

Any sensitive or inappropriate posts will be flagged and routed directly to your leadership team before going live. Our expertise means we can guide you through tried & tested best practise on how to respond - privately or publicly. 

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