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A Poll new world

Rungway product update! Discover our new tool to help leaders understand team views in minutes. Create a Pulse survey on any burning issue and get honest, anonymous answers in real time. Take the Pulse of the whole company or just a select few, and compare results across teams for insights you can a

21 Apr 2020 | 9 min read

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Our mission has always been to build a safe community within your organisation where everyone can speak up and be heard, regardless of demographic, role or location. So, we created our Advice space -  a mechanism for individuals to ask a question or spark a discussion with the safety of anonymity.

Now, that’s one way of connecting people inside a safe and trustworthy community, but we’re no one-trick pony.  We work closely with our customers and users to create more ways to share advice, opinions and experiences with the safety of anonymity. And this collaboration has helped us to launch...

Pulses on Rungway!

We are so excited to make Pulses available on Rungway. 

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This first version of Pulses allows nominated people in your company to create a poll with a free text or multiple choice question. Leaders and managers in any organisation can use it to quickly gauge people’s opinion, with a focus on ‘in the moment’ topics which really matter. Anonymity works in the opposite way to Advice posts to bring different insights to the surface. The creator of a Pulse is named but all the responses are anonymous, giving people the opportunity to answer honestly and influence decisions

If your Rungway has Pulses enabled, users will be notified about a new Pulse in their feed or they’ll receive it directly via email. Once they’ve submitted their answer anonymously, the pulse creator will see the results in real time - and if they’ve decided to share the results publicly, so will everyone else.

Dig a little deeper, with “Tell me more”

With Pulse, creators can offer participants the option to add more detail to the multiple choice answer they choose. We call this feature ‘Tell me more’ and it adds a whole new dimension to your Rungway, because participants can give free text responses while remaining anonymous. It means you can expand on the sorts of questions you can ask and receive deeper insights from your responses as participants offer their own opinions on top of the preset options given to them.

The joy of free text

Another great addition to our Pulses is that creators can build a new question type which allows participants to give a full free text answer.

This gives even more freedom over the types of questions Pulse creators can ask and perhaps more importantly the sorts of answers participants can give.

We’ve been working hard to make our Pulse feature even better and there’s lots more to come in the next few weeks, so look out for more updates soon. 


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