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Avoid feedback gridlock: the modern way to analyse employee data

Without motivated employees, your business grinds to a halt. But finding out what makes employees tick is also a daily grind for HR leaders. 

17 Oct 2023 | 2 min read

Without motivated employees, your business grinds to a halt. But finding out what makes employees tick is also a daily grind for HR leaders. 

From sifting through survey responses to pinpointing priority concerns, analysing endless employee feedback data brings your day to a standstill and slows down response time. 

What’s the solution to feedback gridlock? A modern employee listening platform.

Stuck in feedback traffic with traditional survey analysis

Understanding and addressing employees’ pressing concerns is vital for company performance. But cumbersome survey analysis can be more trouble than it's worth.

Difficult to analyse. Instead of asking quantitative or ranking score questions, most employee feedback surveys ask for free text answers so workers can describe concerns in more detail. However, the reams of unstructured data is overwhelming for HR leaders and it’s very difficult to pinpoint common themes from free text responses.

Lengthy process. As HR leaders are people experts, not data scientists, they often resort to manually analysing survey responses (i.e. with a printer and highlighter) or use Ctrl F for keywords (which makes some responses stand out more than others). This process not only takes a long time, but there’s also no guarantee the analysis is representative of the workforce at large.

Falls off the agenda. Missed deadlines, stalled momentum, ineffective intervention. Unless there’s a prioritised list of actionable and impactful tasks, traditional survey results fall off senior leaders’ agenda as they work out how to respond - devaluing all the useful data gathering and painstaking analysis.

Free-flowing two-way feedback with modern employee listening 

However, there is another route. With a modern employee listening platform, you’re always on top of what matters most to employees and can drive effective change.

Always-on, always analysing. No overwhelming data. No survey sifting. No manual analysis. A modern employee listening platform constantly captures your employees’ most pressing concerns, alerting HR leaders to priority posts with notifications and easy-to-view interactions.

Filtered by resonance. A modern employee listening platform weaves through the traffic of thousands of feedback responses and only surfaces what’s most important to your employees. For example, instead of highlighting five individual posts displaying positive sentiment, the platform gives prominence to the one post with negative sentiment that has 50 likes.

Prioritised actions. A modern employee listening platform not only moderates the platform feedback ensuring a safe space for employees to share and managers to respond, but also devises a list of prioritised actions based on what matters most to lots of people. Senior leaders can therefore make faster, better-informed decisions and deliver meaningful change initiatives at scale.

Stop sifting, start prioritising 

A modern employee listening strategy is your route through the gridlock: connecting you with meaningful frontline feedback, freeing up HR time and speeding up impactful intervention. 


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