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How this company got to the root cause of gender-related attrition

A global professional services organisation with 3,000 employees were struggling to understand why attrition was higher amongst senior women.

27 Sep 2023 | 2 min read


80% of the most sensitive attrition and culture related posts on Rungway were written by women.

A global professional services organisation found above average attrition from senior women and suspected a systemic culture issue might be the underlying factor. Rungway’s platform analysis pinpointed the causes of concern and enabled the company to create a proactive talent retention strategy.

Preventing gender-related attrition

Employee attrition is a leading concern for all businesses around the globe with a high turnover rate affecting an organisation's productivity and growth. Employee attrition is even more concerning when a particular demographic is leaving the business more than most.

When a global professional services organisation noticed a rise in attrition from their senior women, they suspected a systemic culture issue might be the underlying factor.

However, it was only a suspicion as they lacked hard data, with even exit interviews often not surfacing the real drivers. The company tried using an ‘open door policy’ encouraging employees to discuss job-related issues with leaders, but this didn’t bring the real reasons to the surface and the attrition continued.

Diagnosing the root cause

The first step in treating a problem is effectively diagnosing it. Rungway analysed thousands of posts on the platform and revealed that over 80% of the most sensitive attrition and culture related posts were written by women. This confirmed the company’s first suspicion, but what was the root cause?

Rungway’s platform analysis also showed that most posts were unique and not connected to an individual area or isolated incident. As such, the company could not address the problem with one simple change, but needed to establish a broader plan of action. 

Prioritising female leadership's concern

Before using Rungway, the company sometimes struggled to stay on top of emerging employee issues. But with Rungway’s ability to continually monitor posts, flag sensitive topics, and route them directly to leaders for prioritised action, the company was able to address all attrition related posts, written by women, promptly and professionally.

In addition, the Rungway platform fostered direct dialogue between leadership and at-risk talent. Rungway’s optional anonymity encouraged female employees to provide open and honest feedback about their concerns, so leaders could understand, empathise and respond to issues before they escalated. As such, Rungway became a key cog in the company’s proactive talent retention strategy. 


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