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How to create a more connected culture through change and uncertainty

A series of video clips summarising our webinar 'Creating a more connected culture through change and uncertainty', with Byrne Dean.

10 Jul 2023 | 2 min read

This article summarises a webinar co-hosted with Byrne Dean: How to create a more connected culture through change and uncertainty.

Webinar hosts:

  • Julie Chakraverty, Rungway Founder
  • Richard Martin, Principal Consultant at Byrne Dean
  • Alison Best, Director and Co-Head of Training at Byrne Dean

The context of leading through change

"The toughest roadblocks to change can be under the surface. They might be cultural or systemic. and not appreciating the reality of your frontline workers, for example, can expose your firm to real risk." - Julie Chakraverty

Why the 'information gap' is a problem

"Very few of us will react to an announced change programme and think 'oh my goodness, this is an opportunity for me'". - Richard Martin

Why traditional communication methods  causes engagement fatigue

"Honestly, [during Covid] people start to get fatigued, they felt broadcast overload, and with surveys the questions are set by management." - Julie Chakraverty

Where is your organisational baseline for change?

"You're probably going to be in a good place to have human connection if there's trust before the uncertainty happens" - Alison Best

The importance of two-way dialogue

"Maybe we can diffuse issues when they're a spark, not a bomb." - Julie Chakraverty

Human conversations comes down to perspective

"The starting point to empathy is recognising that we have our perspective, but it will be different, often very different, from the person we're talking to." - Richard Martin


Want to see the whole webinar? Click here to listen to the entire conversation.

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